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      September 7th, Married:  Mary Linda (Melinda) Pillsbury & Richard Lee Barteaux, Starkville, Mississippi. 
Marriage Certificate

       Richard attends night school at Venice High School for a short period of time.  


     July 5th, Born: Carolyn Anne Barteaux, Santa Monica, California. Adopted by Ronald Edward Kellett (AKA Foster) and by Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Pillsbury when she is twelve years old.  

      Spring -  Richard Barteaux meets future wife Beverly. (Information supplied by childhood friend Dr. Farr

      April 20th, Settlement between Melinda Pillsbury Barteaux and Richard Lee Barteaux. 
Divorce Settlement

      June 24th, Divorce Decree between Melinda Pillsbury Barteaux and Richard Lee Barteaux.   Divorce Decree

    Richard Lee Barteaux enters University High School (West Los Angeles) from which he graduated in 1968/69.

  May 2 - - Richard Lee Barteaux's second child, Richard Lee, Junior is born to he and Beverly Saville Barteaux.  No marriage certificate found.  
  Richard and Beverly Barteaux occupy a 2 story house in Carson, CA.

      1970 (early): Richard, Beverly and baby Richard
Jr. move into 1 story ranch-type house in Ladera Heights, CA (Information from Dr. Farr, an old friend of Richard's)

      May 1st - Marriage of Melinda to Ronald E. Kellett
                      Marriage Certificate

      December 14, 1881 - Dishonorable Discharge from the Army.  File 

      September 29 - Law Suit against RLB, Senior, by the State of California, Substitution.   Dunne, Phelps, Mills, Smith & Jackson is handing the case over to Comstock & Comstock Case No. BKG 6526 926

      December 9 - Married:  Richard Lee Barteaux to Belinda M. Betzing in Las Vegas.  
Marriage Certificate